Speed Gate Access Control: Reducing Tailgating and Unauthorized Entry

Speed Gate Access Control: Reducing Tailgating and Unauthorized Entry

Speed Gate Access Control

Unauthorized entry and tailgating pose significant security risks in many environments, including offices, government buildings, and public venues. Speed gate access control systems have emerged as a powerful solution to mitigate these risks effectively. In this article, we will explore the importance of speed gate access control in reducing tailgating and unauthorized entry, and discuss their features and benefits in enhancing security measures.

1. The Threat of Tailgating and Unauthorized Entry:

Tailgating occurs when an unauthorized individual follows an authorized person through an access point without proper authentication. This security breach compromises the integrity of access control systems and poses a significant risk to facilities. Unauthorized entry, on the other hand, involves individuals gaining access to restricted areas without proper authorization, compromising safety, privacy, and valuable assets. Speed gate access control systems play a crucial role in preventing and reducing both tailgating and unauthorized entry.

2. Advanced Authentication and Verification:

Speed gates feature advanced authentication methods, such as biometric recognition or RFID cards, ensuring that individuals entering a secured area are properly authorized. These systems provide a high level of accuracy and reliability in verifying an individual’s identity, diminishing the risk of tailgating. Biometric identification, in particular, offers unique and non-transferable credentials, making it virtually impossible for unauthorized individuals to gain access through tailgating.

3. Swift and Controlled Access:

Speed gate access control systems allow for swift and controlled access. With fast opening and closing times, these gates can process authorized individuals quickly, reducing the opportunity for tailgating. Integrated sensors detect an individual or object passing through the gate, ensuring that only one person can enter at a time. Additionally, speed gates can be programmed to allow access to one individual per valid authentication, eliminating the possibility of multiple individuals trying to pass through a single authorization.

4. Deterring Unauthorized Entry Attempts:

The visible presence of speed gate access control systems acts as a strong deterrent against unauthorized entry attempts. These gates serve as a physical barrier, blocking unauthorized access and making it clear that proper authentication is required. The combination of a physical barrier and the advanced authentication features deters individuals from attempting to bypass the access control system. This proactive measure helps maintain a secure environment while reducing the risk of unauthorized entry.

5. Real-time Monitoring and Alarming:

Speed gate access control systems often come equipped with real-time monitoring and alarming features. Integrated with surveillance cameras and access control software, these systems enable security personnel to monitor access points and detect any suspicious or unauthorized activities promptly. Real-time alarms can be triggered if an individual attempts to tailgate or gain entry without proper authentication, allowing for immediate action and response.

6. Integration with Visitor Management Systems:

Integrating speed gate access control systems with visitor management systems adds an extra layer of security and helps prevent unauthorized entry. Visitor management systems allow hosts to pre-register visitors and generate temporary access credentials. When combined with speed gates, these systems ensure that only approved visitors can enter the premises, reducing the risk of unauthorized individuals infiltrating sensitive areas.

7. Training and User Awareness:

Ensuring training programs and user awareness initiatives are in place is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of speed gate access control systems. Employees and authorized personnel should be educated about the importance of proper authentication and the risks associated with tailgating and unauthorized entry. Regular training sessions can help reinforce security protocols and emphasize the significance of complying with access control procedures.


Speed gate access control systems play a vital role in reducing tailgating and unauthorized entry, enhancing security in various environments. With advanced authentication and verification methods, swift and controlled access, deterrence of unauthorized entry attempts, real-time monitoring and alarming features, integration with visitor management systems, and comprehensive training programs, these systems provide robust security measures. By implementing speed gate access control systems, organizations can mitigate the risks posed by tailgating and unauthorized entry, ensuring the safety and integrity of their facilities, assets, and personnel.  

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